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I have had an awesome end of the week!  Thursday’s grocery shopping resulted in some staples as well as some extra lean ground beef. Scott cooked these on the Foreman Thursday evening.  I fixed mine with light canola oil mayo, which has only 30 calories per serving!  One serving was plenty with the burger.  I also had Snyder’s tortilla chips with red pepper hummus.  The hummus was extra creamy and has great flavor.

On Friday, I had it a bit easier at work.  Some children were sick, and that left me with only three kids.  We had fun, though!  I have a new toy tool set for them to play with, and they went around the room hammering other toys and trying to unscrew the high chairs.  It was quite fun to watch them.  I also got to spend a good deal of time with them outside on the playground as the humidity was not too bad and the temperature was lower than normal.  I looove being outdoors when the weather is nice!

Yesterday evening we helped out and hung out at our church’s lock-in for our youth group.  Scott planned to meet me at the church since it was his late day at the office.  I picked Noah up from his mother’s house, where he had spent the afternoon, and the two of us met some friends at a favorite Thai place of ours for dinner.  Chef’s Secret serves up yummy Thai and Japanese food, and they also have a sushi bar.  I don’t mind sushi too much, but it’s not my first pick.  I chose to have the Pad See-U with vegetables.  I have been wanting lots of veggies since starting to eat healthy, so this really hit the spot.

We left the restaurant with Scott’s take out order and headed to the church.  We had a blast hanging out with the youth.  They played human battleship, several board games, and capture the flag before I hit a wall.  Scott and I were not expected to stay the entire night, so I came home around one.  Scott stayed to help supervise a little bit longer since he was more awake than I.  He made it home about 2:45 this morning (!).

The first part of my Saturday was spent resting and being lazy after keeping an eye on teenagers last night.  I had lunch today before I went to a get together for a close friend of mine.  I got to catch up with her and her family, and I gave some good Vegas tips to her sister.  Not wanting to be rude, I did get some small portions of the food that was offered.  It was all very tasty, but eating it, I realized that my body is really beginning to not have a taste for certain foods.  I think that’s a good thing.  It was well worth it to share some laughs and memories with great friends.

It’s been a great weekend so far!  I’ve had fun, but I am beat.  I see an early bedtime in store for me this evening.  Oh, I have another victory in the Household Healthy Living Transition to announce – Scott tried the almond butter and really liked it!  I knew he couldn’t be a hater.  That stuff is gooood.

Question: How is your weekend so far?


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Lunch break!!!

Almond Butter with Orange Marmalade on Whitewheat bread with Snyder’s Tortilla Chips

Okay, I know that’s an odd combination.  Almonds and oranges.  But, I noticed that our jelly has high fructose corn syrup and I really, really didn’t want to consume that for lunch today.  I need to look into different jelly and jam options.  I may just eat the jelly we have right now in moderation, but today, I just chose not to eat it.

High fructose corn syrup is a derivative of corn syrup, where the glucose in corn syrup is turned into fructose.  I know it’s divided as to whether or not high fructose corn syrup is healthy for you, but when I see that, I remember a commercial from a few years back where kids were putting on a play and a girl comes out with oily goop on her and says “I’m high fructose corn syrup.” Yuck.  I tend to want to stay away from it.  Today is one of those days.

The folks at Hangry Pants agree with me.

So, I opted to eat my almond butter with orange marmalade.  My husband might not like too much that I ate his marmalade, but it’s what I wanted and there’s plenty left :D.  I know it has sugar, but at least it’s just sugar and not man made gloop.  It was yummy!  It reminded me a little bit of the chocolate oranges you get at Christmastime, but with a nuttier flavor.  I’m headed to a get together for a friend of mine, and not knowing what food they are serving, I thought it best to have something on my belly so I don’t eat too much.

And speaking of corn, the chips tasted like popcorn.  In a good way.  Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!

Question:  What do you think of high fructose corn syrup?

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Ambrosia in a Jar

One of the greatest finds from my first ever grocery store relay is almond butter.  Five whole, delicious, 16 oz. jars of organic almond butter!  The brand that carries this certain almond butter is Maranatha Nut Butters.  Now, I had never tried any nut butters other than regular ol’ peanut butter.  I have heard wondrous things about nut butters, but before this weekend, I have never tried any.

One reason is because the consistency of nut butters on the shelf.  The oil is half an inch to an inch thick separated from the rest of the nut butter.  You have to stir it in to create the “butter” consistency.  Below is a picture of stirred almond butter (left) and unstirred (right).

Seeing all the oil floating on top does not lend itself to looking yummy.  But, once stirred, the familiar consistency of peanut butter emerges, except this time, it’s with almonds.  It’s recommended to refrigerate almond butter after opening and stirring, but you do have the option of keeping it in the pantry.  You will just have to re-stir each time you wish to use it if stored in the pantry.  I choose to refrigerate mine.

I also had not tried any nut butters due to the astronomically high price.  I mean, why pay $15 to $30 for an unusual nut butter when you can pay $3 for peanut butter at the grocery store?  I lucked out and got five jars of almond butter on Saturday when I paid $14 for my two boxes of groceries.

The particular variety of almond butter I have is ” Organic Crunchy and Roasted”.  The ingredients?  100% roasted almonds.  That’s all.  Wonderful, isn’t it?  No additives, sugars, salt, preservatives, anything.  Just almonds being happy :).  The taste is stronger than I imagined it would be.  To me, almonds don’t have a very strong flavor by themselves.  Roasting them must bring out a lot of their flavor, because this nut butter packs a punch when it comes to flavor!  It’s not too crunchy, either, with little bits of almonds and some slithers in a super creamy butter.  It’s quite delicious.  The flavor is very smooth, and not too nutty.  I think that almond butter may very well replace peanut butter for me.  I certainly have enough jars to last me a while since I’m the only one in the house eating it!  I have already begun experimenting with almond butter.  Here are two ways I have used almond butter.

Two tablespoons of almond butter on top of hot oat bran with a little bit of honey.  This was melt in your mouth goodness.

As a crunchy honey nut wrap.  On one side, honey.  On the other side, almond butter with honey glazed granola bits.  All on whole wheat flatbread.  I folded it in half and had it for lunch with carrots and a granola bar.  This wrap may become a staple for me.

So… if you can find almond butter, or any nut butter, on the cheap, don’t be scared off by the oil on top, or the price.  It’s definitely worth giving it a try.  You just might like it!

I will leave you with an aside.  I have recently discovered a great community of healthy bloggers.  Healthy Living Blogs is a website dedicated to healthy eating and healthy lifestyles.  There are many healthy living blogs listed on the website, and they are categorized by location and alphabetically.  I highly recommend checking them out for more great tips and recipes.

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