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I have been on my new eating plan and I am very proud to say that I am making some serious headway in the right direction.  My digestive system has been functioning properly, and I feel healthier, even lighter inside!

Now that I have been making healthy eating choices, I wonder why I didn’t do this before.  Are we as Americans really that accustomed to eating foods that don’t nourish us?  Maybe our taste buds become accustomed to fatty foods.  We eat so much fast food and junk food that when we get hungry, we’re hungry for foods we’re used to eating instead of food that our body needs.

I agree that fast food burgers, chips, deep fried foods, and the like are tasty.  Trust me – I’ve eaten them for years, and wouldn’t have continued if they didn’t taste good.  However, in my case, I would eat and then feel too full afterward, and sometimes I even wondered why I ate what I did because it didn’t seem to quite hit the spot for what I was hungry for.

Since I began eating healthy, I have cut out just about all those foods that was ruining my body, my taste buds, and my sense of wellness.  I am now eating lots of high fiber, naturally low fat foods, and after my meals, I feel full, but not too full.  My body doesn’t tell me I ate the wrong thing anymore.  I genuinely feel nourished and content, and it takes longer for my body to tell me it needs more food.  I’m certainly not complaining.  Fruits, veggies, grains, beans, and meats prepared properly are considered healthy for a reason.  Your body honestly needs these foods to run smoothly, and I had never appreciated that fact until I started eating healthy.

Chipotle black bean soup – high on flavor and fiber.  Yummers!!!

A Bora Bora Bar.  I found these on Saturday, and I Must. Get. More.

My personal exercise preference right now is the Wii Fit.  I refuse to sign a contract at a gym.  I did that once and moved, and it was extremely difficult to get out of.  I’m not willing to sign my life away.  Anyhoo, the Wii Fit puts you through as rigorous of a workout as you will allow it to.  Since I’ve been sedentary (all things considered) since High School, I am choosing to do some yoga, aerobics, and strength training with every exercise session.  I did three sessions last week and have already done two this week.  I’m feeling the “burn” of exercise, but I know this is one more way to keep my body healthy.  It’s fun, too!  The exercises feel more like games, but they do give you a full body workout.  It may not be a gym, but I am enjoying my little “home gym” just fine.  Noah even likes to watch and encourage me as I exercise.  That makes it even better :).

Wrapping this all up, these past two weeks I have found that healthy food not only tastes good, it makes you feel good.  Well worth the change!  Also, exercising is fun!  I can feel my body starting  to “thank me” for exercising by the pain I feel in my muscles.  Oh, I have already lost five pounds!  I’m more concerned with getting my body healthy and feeding it what it needs, but weight loss is an added bonus.  And thank you to my readers – I really, really appreciate the kind words and all of the encouragement.  This blog is a blessing for me :).


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