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Since I’m changing to healthy living, here are some things I’ve learned so far.

1. Fiber is my friend Fiber will keep me from having my blockage problem again. That pain was unbearable. Plus, soluble fiber helps flush out calories!

2. A high fiber diet means less calories This is related to the above point. Since I started eating a lot of fiber, my calorie count has been slashed in half. The past few days I have consumed between 1500 and 2000 calories.

3. Lots of foods I already eat are good for me I just ate too much bad stuff, too, and the good foods couldn’t do their job.

4. I have a wonderful, supportive husband “We should all eat healthier” was a great thing to hear 🙂

5. The net is full of people that are living healthy I just have to find you all!

6. I’m hitting a serious learning curve and I don’t expect to get it right just yet. I’m having to change lots of eating habits right now. All I can do is try.

7. The south doesn’t eat healthy so finding healthy foods should be a fun challenge. At least our local grocers are beginning to stock more organic and real foods. Plus, we’re getting a Trader Joe’s!

Seven new things I’ve learned for the seven days I’ve been living healthy. I feel accomplished already!

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Let me start off by mentioning that I love fruits and vegetables. Really, really love fruits and vegetables. Apparently I haven’t eaten enough of them, though, and when I do, they are often preseasoned or eaten with something fried. ‘Tis the southern way. I always have liked eating healthy foods, but I have never had a problem with eating fast food, fried food, processed, refined, quick, or easy food. If I’m in a hurry, McDonald’s is just too easy and quick when you’re rushing to church or you’ve had a long day at work.

About a month ago I noticed I had gained a bit of a belly. No, I’m not pregnant (I wish I were). I couldn’t for the life of me figure out where it came from! Clothes that used to fit suddenly became tighter, but I refused to admit that my eating habits and lifestyle – no exercise – were the culprit. I kept on eating on. I’m a very happy person, I was just happy with eating whatever I wanted to and how much I felt like eating.

This all bit me in the butt (literally) last Thursday. I woke up with a very potent pain in my abdomen. I tried to go to the bathroom but nothing happened. I got ready, let my husband know I may have to leave work early if I was sick, and headed to work. Bad idea. Not only did the pain get a lot worse, I became very nauseus. When I got to work I let my director know I needed to go home. Shortly before I left, I found I was passing a very disturbing amount of blood. This scared me.

I went straight to the doctor, where I found out I was constipated and had several blocked areas in my intestine and colon. The treatment? Prescription grade Miralax – and a complete eating habit overhaul, effective immediately.

The list of what I cannot eat is longer than what I can. I have to consume 30 to 40 grams of fiber and 80 ounces of water every day, period. Low fat, low cal, real foods are now my best friend. I also get to start exercising!

We will be going to the grocery store this weekend to stock up on healthy, tasty foods in substitution for what we have been eating. We waited since there is still a fair amount of food in the house. I am eating all the healthy stuff in sight! Ironically, we already eat whole grain pasta, and we have a mountain of Kashi fiber bars. Guess who’s chowing down? I prepared the pasta with a healthy amount of sauce and added a small bit of parm. I’m eating fiber bars and oatmeal like they’re going out of style. Scott got me some Fiber One wheat shreddies. You know what? It’s all sooo good! I already feel tons better.

I admit I am looking forward to some variety in my eating, but for now, at least I’m getting my fiber, and I’m eating much, much healthier.

I refuse to call this a diet. This is NOT a diet. Diets are for people looking to lose weight. Diets are fads that come and go with each fashion season. Diets are full of disgusting shakes and supplements. The word “diet” makes you feel defeated before you begin. I am not on a diet. From this point forward, I am choosing to eat healthy, real foods that taste yummy and are good for me. The doctor said the change in the foods I eat will be permanent, and I’m okay with that.

The doctor’s medicine is performing a pain-free cleanse, and I’m ready to start this new chapter in my life. I plan for this blog to chronicle my new healthy lifestyle and the fun, struggles, and benefits this journey will bring. Will you join me?

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