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Fish, oats, and Tandoori

Hello all!  It’s been about a week and a half since I have blogged.  I’m sorry about that – life has been hectic with the holidays coming up!  I want to share with you three very delicious meals I have eaten recently while out with my husband.

You know, it often seems next to impossible to eat healthy when you eat out.  Most restaurants load you with calories and carbs – but I have noticed that, if you look hard enough, you can find healthy AND tasty choices when you’re not eating at your own table.

Take this meal for instance.  At this particular restaurant, I was uncertain as to what to order.  They serve burgers, pizza with lots of cheese, and chicken that comes with, like, ten stuff piled on top.  Not what I wanted.  Then I noticed Rainbow Trout on the menu.  It is listed as seasoned and deep fried, but upon closer observation I saw in teeeny tiiiny letters May be served grilled or blackened upon request.  Aha!  Something I can eat!!!  This came served with a reumelade that I barely used.  The side I chose was steamed veggies, which were wonderful – zucchini, squash, carrots, and broccoli, that had been very lightly drizzled with herb infused olive oil.  Le sigh, happiness.

Here’s my breakfast on Sunday morning!  We were up way early since the clocks got set back, and decided to eat breakfast before church.  We ended up at Cracker Barrel.  Again, not known for being health conscious.  I was delighted when I saw they have an oatmeal breakfast!  I’m sure it’s always been on the menu, but I have a long history of ordering their Old Timers’ Breakfast, so I had never seen this.  A heaping serving of oats that I added raisins to, an apple bran muffin, and two turkey sausages.  I was so stuffed I could only eat a fourth of the muffin.  Granted, the muffin was huge, but still.  I was still full at lunchtime.  Yummers!

And finally…

Indian food!!!  I had never eaten real, true Indian, but it’s one of those foods I’ve always wanted to try.  Scott and I are seriously into Bollywood films (you should check them out) so there was a sense of novelty to eating Indian for us as well.  We ordered a dinner for two that had ten items I can’t recall on it, but the tandoori was wonderful!  This was served with a lot of basmati rice, which I think has become my new favorite rice.  Very full flavor, and I like that it’s not sticky.  It’s easier to mix with the other meats and veggies that way.  And Indians love vegetables – we ate a lot of veggies that night.  Scott and I both foresee many more Indian meals in our future.

Next time you’re eating out, look for ways you can eat healthier.  Many restaurants are starting to offer healthy alternatives, but be careful – make sure their healthy is really healthy.  Healthy does not equal fried or loaded in sauce!  In time, you will learn what restaurants serve healthy options and which ones really don’t.  Happy eating!


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