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…who is right now diligently doing his homework.  He just asked me “I’m supposed to do the math problems on the odd pages, but there’s no problems on the first two.”  He looked sooo surprised when I suggested reading what was on those two pages.  This little guy never ceases to make me laugh!

Noah is the son of my husband, Scott, who has full custody of him, so when Scott and I got married last year, I not only became a wife, I became a full time Mom as well.  Noah keeps me company every afternoon as I get off work at two, and Scott gets off between four thirty and six, depending on the day.

Southern Fiber with SF Hubby on our Wedding Day

During the school year, our afternoons consist of errands, homework, playing the Wii, and snacks.  Ahhh, snacktime!  I have gotten into the habit of having a small bowl of shredded wheat or a Kashi bar to get me through the afternoon.  Noah eats a pop tart or peanut butter toast.  Meh.  He’s a kid, and pop tarts aren’t horrible, but Scott and I are trying really hard to think up some healthy options for his snacks (and meals, too).  We are aware that there are lots of foods to choose from, but the foods that Noah is willing to eat right now are extremely limited.

This is presenting its own set of challenges for us while we transition as a household from Eating the American Way to healthy and lean.  Thankfully, I have a good stash of food from Saturday and our trip to the store last week that I’m not lacking for breakfast and lunch, and so far, for dinner, either.  However, Noah is not in the habit of eating veggies at every meal, he eats chicken fingers at the Mexican restaurant, and he tries to gag himself on sweet potatoes.  This is going to take some work on our part to reverse his eating habits.

At the grocery store this afternoon, I was there to only pick up a couple of things to get us through the weekend since we’re not sure how much time we will actually be home to eat our own food.  I was straining my brain to find a loaf of bread that the three of us will eat.  Scott and I love to eat whole grain bread, but Noah refuses to eat anything other than white.  I picked up a loaf of whole grain bread just to see the nutrition label and Noah said “noooooo!”  This made me laugh.  I assured him I was just looking at the label so that I could find a loaf of white that had similar nutrients.  I settled for a loaf of whitewheat that has *gasp* four grams of fiber!  I know it’s not whole grain, but the label does say unbleached, and it’s “Healthy White” meaning that it has as few additives as possible.  I would like to be buying whole grain bread, but for the sake of my son and our sanity, I am willing to make this concession.  He is doing a great job of eating some foods he’s not used to eating, and I’m afraid too much of a change for him would be a shock.

We will slowly adjust Noah’s diet, and we are hoping it helps that he is at the age where many children develop “more taste buds” and appreciate a wider range of foods.  So far he hasn’t complained too much about the changes he’s had to make, but I know he’s not ready to give up some of his kid favorite foods.  And that’s fine with me.  He is supporting me and keeping me accountable with my exercising, and he is making sure I get breakfast for me and pack a healthy lunch to eat as well.  Which reminds me… my first shot at being “creative with leftovers” =

The bean part of my black bean chipotle soup, chicken from dinner the night before, and roasted red pepper hummus on whole grain flatbread.  Mmmmmm.

In the meanwhile, I am happily content to have Noah encourage me and be supportive of my lifestyle changes.  He is already making some concessions of his own in his eating.  I’m very proud of Noah :D.


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Several of my Facebook friends have already commented that they want to know more about this “grocery store relay”.  Well, here is my review and the results from my first “grocery store relay”.

A local grocer, Sav Mor, hosts a sidewalk sale every other Saturday.  A lot of the items are close to their sell by date, but being dried goods, shelf life in the pantry is long, so this is a great way to build up your pantry.

My best friend from church, Natasha, had been telling me about it, and I wasn’t quite sure if it would be a great value or not.  Then she brought me a box.  WOW!!!  Dried goods, all healthy and organic, as much as you can fit into a banana box for $7 a box!!! The box she got me had Kashi cereal, Kashi fiber bars, trail mix, organic fruit bars, and several other items.   About three weeks later I began eating healthy.  I told my hubby “You don’t have to go with me, but I am going so that I can get some really good healthy foods for dirt cheap!”

This past Saturday I met up with a few members of Natasha’s family.  I’m not quite sure what I was expecting, but I certainly wasn’t expecting what I found – row after row of banana boxes filled to almost overflowing of just about every dried good imaginable.  They had a few normal items, such as familiar brand name cereals and chips, but about 99% of the items were either healthy, low cal, high fiber, organic, gluten free (you get the idea).  I stood with Natasha’s aunt and eyed a box I wanted to grab.  We chatted for the hour before the whistle blew.

As soon as the whistle blew, holy moly!!  Everyone dashed to grab a box and run back to their person who would watch their boxes and items as they went back for more.  You see, you get a box, keep what you want, put what you don’t back into a box in one of the rows, and then start hunting for more items you want.  Everyone was very nice and polite!  If there’s an item you’re dying to have, just ask, and if they aren’t dying to have it, too, chances are they will let you have it.  The boxes must be filled so that nothing is falling out or sitting way too high out of the box.  Common sense judgment comes into play here.  I was there for about 45 minutes and came out with two boxes slam full of everything I was wanting to find and more.

My two boxes packed full!

A better view of some of the items I got.

Some of the items I am most excited about are the four boxes of oat bran, five jars of raw almond butter (to be reviewed in tomorrow’s post), several boxes of cereal, several all-natural high fiber soup mixes, Celestial Seasonings tea, and a very generous amount of fiber and protein snack bars.

Woohoo!!!  My first “grocery store relay” was a blast and a total success.  I love the almond butter, and I just prepared a black bean soup from one of the soup mixes for some of my lunches this week.

The $14 I spent was well worth it, and I easily got my money’s worth, considering five jars of this almond butter costs $110  and I got sooo many other items.  The items vary every time, so you never know exactly what you will find, but you always find tons of really neat stuff to try or standbys to bulk up your pantry.  I can’t wait for my next “grocery store relay”!

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Since I have decided to live the healthy living lifestyle and eat foods that are good for me, I have chosen to eat several fiber rich foods in place of what I have a history of eating.  Here is a look back at some highlights from my first week of healthy eating:

Whole grain pasta with 1/4 cup spaghetti sauce and a little bit of parmesan sprinkled on.  This really hit the spot for lunch!

A Kashi fiber and protein roll.  These are yummy!  They have 3 grams of insoluble fiber and 3 grams of soluble fiber, making 6 grams of fiber.  These really help me get to my daily fiber goal, and they hit the spot for something sweet as well.

Organic oatmeal!  This is yummy – I love oatmeal.  I call this creation “The Gingerbread Man” – a few drops of honey, sprinkle cinnamon, allspice, and ginger.  Nummerific!!! 🙂

And finally, today’s lunch (half eaten at time of picture):

Whole grain flatbread with Garlic Lovers Hummus, baby carrots, and a granola bar.  This was absolutely delectable!

I’ve been eating my meats in the evenings – chicken, extra lean red meat, etc., always with veggies or whole grain pasta.

I look forward to continuing to share the changes in my eating and living habits.  I have lost two pounds since last Thursday already!  I feel empowered, and I feel so clean and refreshed.  Who knew eating and living healthy could make you feel so good?  I have a newfound appreciation for Daniel (recounted here in the Old Testament) choosing to eat healthy foods.  No, choosing to eat healthy foods is not always easy, but I am already seeing my body thank me for it.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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Let me start off by mentioning that I love fruits and vegetables. Really, really love fruits and vegetables. Apparently I haven’t eaten enough of them, though, and when I do, they are often preseasoned or eaten with something fried. ‘Tis the southern way. I always have liked eating healthy foods, but I have never had a problem with eating fast food, fried food, processed, refined, quick, or easy food. If I’m in a hurry, McDonald’s is just too easy and quick when you’re rushing to church or you’ve had a long day at work.

About a month ago I noticed I had gained a bit of a belly. No, I’m not pregnant (I wish I were). I couldn’t for the life of me figure out where it came from! Clothes that used to fit suddenly became tighter, but I refused to admit that my eating habits and lifestyle – no exercise – were the culprit. I kept on eating on. I’m a very happy person, I was just happy with eating whatever I wanted to and how much I felt like eating.

This all bit me in the butt (literally) last Thursday. I woke up with a very potent pain in my abdomen. I tried to go to the bathroom but nothing happened. I got ready, let my husband know I may have to leave work early if I was sick, and headed to work. Bad idea. Not only did the pain get a lot worse, I became very nauseus. When I got to work I let my director know I needed to go home. Shortly before I left, I found I was passing a very disturbing amount of blood. This scared me.

I went straight to the doctor, where I found out I was constipated and had several blocked areas in my intestine and colon. The treatment? Prescription grade Miralax – and a complete eating habit overhaul, effective immediately.

The list of what I cannot eat is longer than what I can. I have to consume 30 to 40 grams of fiber and 80 ounces of water every day, period. Low fat, low cal, real foods are now my best friend. I also get to start exercising!

We will be going to the grocery store this weekend to stock up on healthy, tasty foods in substitution for what we have been eating. We waited since there is still a fair amount of food in the house. I am eating all the healthy stuff in sight! Ironically, we already eat whole grain pasta, and we have a mountain of Kashi fiber bars. Guess who’s chowing down? I prepared the pasta with a healthy amount of sauce and added a small bit of parm. I’m eating fiber bars and oatmeal like they’re going out of style. Scott got me some Fiber One wheat shreddies. You know what? It’s all sooo good! I already feel tons better.

I admit I am looking forward to some variety in my eating, but for now, at least I’m getting my fiber, and I’m eating much, much healthier.

I refuse to call this a diet. This is NOT a diet. Diets are for people looking to lose weight. Diets are fads that come and go with each fashion season. Diets are full of disgusting shakes and supplements. The word “diet” makes you feel defeated before you begin. I am not on a diet. From this point forward, I am choosing to eat healthy, real foods that taste yummy and are good for me. The doctor said the change in the foods I eat will be permanent, and I’m okay with that.

The doctor’s medicine is performing a pain-free cleanse, and I’m ready to start this new chapter in my life. I plan for this blog to chronicle my new healthy lifestyle and the fun, struggles, and benefits this journey will bring. Will you join me?

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