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Tea time!

My doctor let me know that I needed to seriously cut back on tea and coffee (3 to 5 times a week) and cut out sodas completely.  I’m drinking lots of water, but I would like something else to drink that will keep my body running smoothly.

I know that there are some health benefits to caffeine, but for me, it’s better if I limit my intake as that could contribute to complications again.

Sitting at work today, I thought – I LOVE herbal tea!  No caffeine there!!  I looked up some information on properties and benefits of herbal tea.  Herbal tea is not considered a diuretic, and some herbal teas even help with the digestive process.  Finding out this information made me feel a whole lot better as I can now drink something other than water.

I have a stash in the cabinet of tea from my favorite herbal tea company, Celestial Seasonings.  If you have not tried their teas yet, you are missing out on a delectable, healthy alternative to traditional black teas.  A few of my favorites are their red teas which contain rooibos, their zinger teas that come in several fruit flavors, and their holiday teas which are very festive!

You may click the above link to read about the benefits found in rooibos.  One item of note is it has a naturally sweet flavor.  When I drink red tea, all I need to add is a little bit of honey.  Like, little bit as in a drop.  I don’t need very much honey with the natural sweetening of the rooibos and the fruits in the tea.

Celestial Seasoning’s zingers and other herbal teas are absolute heaven on earth!  These contain no caffeine and several of them have ingredients that aid in digestion or sleep, such as Mint Magic and Sleepytime.  Several of these teas I enjoy with milk added, but watch the labels to make sure they don’t contain acidic ingredients, such as hibiscus or lemon, as curdled tea would not be tasty at all (yuck).

Holiday teas are just fun!  These come in a variety of Christmas Cheer flavors :), with my personal favorite being Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride.  One of the holiday teas contains black tea (Nutcracker Sweet), but Christmas is a time for treats, and this is a delectable treat indeed!  I look forward to enjoying it (sparingly) in the future.

Finally, as a substitution for coffee, Roastarama is packed with flavor to start the morning.  I don’t know how they do it, but this tea steeps thick.  I can attest to their claim that it’s a valid substitute for coffee.  It’s very rich, and has a kick that keeps you going all day.

I highly recommend Celestial Seasonings teas as a healthy and tasty alternative to traditional black teas.  These are wonderful when enjoyed hot, but these teas can also be served as iced teas when prepared according to the directions on the website.

Tea time, anyone?


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