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This is what happens when a southern girl changes her eating habits.  I’ve always known that fruits and vegetables are good for you, but really, just plain fruits and vegetables all the time would be bland.  I’m trying to learn new and creative ways to use fruits and vegetables.  I’m also learning about several other foods that are healthy for me.  And learning about fiber has been daunting, but rewarding!  Who knew that the fiber count of figs almost triples when they are dried?  Wow.

In my attempt to eat more fiber, I have eaten less meat over the past few weeks.  I’m still eating meat, but it is no longer the central focus of every meal that I eat.  I’ve eaten more beans since they are full of soluble fiber.  Soluble fiber, to me, is wonderful since it not only helps the digestive system run smoothly, it also latches on to calories and helps flush them out of the body!  I have eaten more black beans over the past two weeks since they are very high in soluble fiber.  You could say I am a black bean addict, which is fine with me – especially since Scott doesn’t like black beans.  That means more for me!

Trying to get an eight year old to start eating healthy is a challenge in itself.  Yesterday, we got Arnold multigrain sandwich thins.  We tried them out on Noah last night, and guess what – Noah really liked them!  I see a light at the end of the White Bread Tunnel.  He also asked for apples and grapes so that he could have a healthy snack.  Things are looking up!

I got to try the sandwich thins today with some chicken salad that I created in about five minutes this morning.  I got creative with some chicken tenders that Scott had lightly seasoned with some Lawry’s.  Here is my impromptu recipe, good for one serving:

2 baked chicken tenderloins, chopped

5 grapes, quartered

1 tbsp light canola oil mayonnaise

1 pinch of salt

1 dash of ground pepper

Here is the chicken once chopped:

Here is the result after mixing all of the ingredients together:

And here is the final product on sandwich thins:

This was awesome!!!  I had this with tortilla chips and hummus, and finished with some Greek yogurt:

Greek yogurt.  Ahhh, where to begin?  It is much thicker and more full flavor than American yogurt.  It almost has a pudding consistency, kind of like sour cream.  I had never tried the fruit on the bottom kind, but being all natural, the yogurt was well separated from the fruit, so I mixed it up.  Here’s what happened:

And let me tell you – it was sooo good!  It tasted like dessert as opposed to a nonfat fruit yogurt.  Oh, yeah, this stuff is nonfat.  Nonfat never tasted so good, though!  Honestly, I don’t know where the nonfat is, but unless they hadn’t put nonfat and 0% in large letters and numbers all over the container, I wouldn’t have known.  This stuff is better than yoplait.  It’s so rich and creamy, and the fruit is real, natural fruit flavor.  The way it should be.  They don’t add unnecessary sugars to it, either, which I love.  Definitely worth trying!  I had Chobani brand today, and I highly recommend it.

I am still finding out lots of information about living healthy, and I still have a lot to learn, but I am proud of the progress I’m making.  Tomorrow I will talk more about where I am getting my ideas from, and why I am not following a program.

Question: Have you tried Greek yogurt?  What do you think?


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